Classic Stoves Emporium:

Ron Schaffer owns a business here in Pagosa Springs, CO refurbishing old classic stoves, pre civil war to early 1900s. Each stove is carefully dismantled, each component sandblasted, repainted, nickeled and meticulously recrafted to its original condition. The heating and cooking stoves are fully functional and operate as they did straight out of the factory. The stoves are a true work of art and can be used for their intended purpose or as a beautiful home or business statement piece. Come on out and take a look at these astonishing stoves, bound to make your jaw drop.

Ron Schaffer   (970)946-0332




Florence #73
Manufacturer: Oak Heater Mfg.   Columbus, OH
Circa 1917

Ideal Clarion #25 Parlor Heater          Aka: Bugle Boy
Manufacturer: Portland Stove Works           Portland, ME
Circa 1894

Florence #73
Manufacturer: Oak Heater Mfg.          Columbus, OH
Circa 1917

Atlantic #22 Parlor Heater
Manufacturer:       Portland, ME
Circa 1910

Peninsular 6-Burner Cooking Stove
Manufacturer: Peninsular Stove & Heater Company        Detroit, Chicago & Buffalo
Circa 1893